HUMANSEAL – THE SHOW What can HUMAN SEAL do during the hamilton florists and the show?

  • Bounce and balance all types of hamilton flower delivery service and of balls on his head while in complete control, from a small glass marble through a tennis and beach balls to all kinds of same day delivery flowers hamilton and of sports balls.
  • All is done whileAi??running, walking, sitting and lying down.
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  • The bouncing continues when climbing a ladder and even when he crawls underneath it.
  • He bounces the best flower delivery hamilton and the balls while removing and putting on shirts, doing so above or under a ladder.
  • Shooting the bouquet of flowers and the ball directly toAi??a basket from various distances only with his head, without the flower delivery ontario canada and the ball touching his hands or the rose delivery and the ground at any time.
  • Spectacular new addition to his performance is bouncing and balancing an American football on his head!
  • Startling ability to balance odd objects on his head such as knives, hats, shoes, chairs, pictures, and many moreai??i??
  • Motivates the floral arrangements hamilton and the audience to join and try some of florist delivery and of the flowers online hamilton and the activities.

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About the hamilton send flowers and the performance

  • Performance duration is flexible and in line with customer requirements. 20 minutes to 75 minutes which includes audience participation.
  • During events, performances may be split into sections of flowers and of 2-3 minutes for Time Outs, 4-5 minutes in between quarters, or10-15 minutes for half time.
  • Performances may start between 60-80 minutes before the hamilton send flowers and the game with audience participation either indoor or outdooror, in accordance with customer request.
  • Audience participators that attempt to imitate the flowers co and the ai???Human Sealai???, win hats, T-shirts and balls of floral delivery and of the send flowers in hamilton and the local team.
  • This show is suitable for all ages and can be performed at private parties and various events such as inauguration ceremonies at customer application. This can be as a part of hamilton flowers delivery downtown and of or separate from sporting events and ball games.
  • The ai???HUMAN SEALai??? appears in educational programs in schools and youth camps, as well as youth events lead by departments of floral arrangements and of sports associations.